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Virtual reality, animation and simulations out of the box

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What is MakerScad?

MakerSCAD is a web-based parametric 3D creation suite that allows the user to program their own world! Designed by teachers, software engineers and designers MakerSCAD aims to bring together computer programming with tangible objects.

With MakerScad

3D World creation

Create amazing worlds, scenes and objects Tweak them in real time.


Export your animations for web or video formats.

3D Printing

Create parametric objects that solve real life problems.

Game Logic

Make interactive aplications and games!

Virtual Reality

Export and share for viewing your world in V.R. headsets.

Computer Programming

By using parametric object modeling you are not just making something awsome, but also learning how to program.

Easy abstraction of complex concepts.

With a Scratch inspired interface, complex subjects like constructive solid geometry become easy to apply to real world problems and understand how things can be built.

Accessible everywhere, anytime.

Access MakersCAD from anywhere in the world all you need is Firefox, Chrome or Edge web browser.

3D Printing

Constructive solid geometry ensures water tight 3D models for your 3D printer.


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